Reviews Optimove

  • Birgit
    When I was young, I was diagnosed with osteochondrosis. I suffered from exacerbations regularly until I tried Optimove. I don't know what differs from the other products, but the result is incredible! Only one course made me healthier and more mobile than during my student years. I had already forgotten about the pain and the inflammation.
  • Astrid
    The simply amazing Optimove capsules make my joints look younger after each cycle. Once every six months I take this medicine and I don't know of any problems. Now I can pay a lot more. Even pedaling at 67. I had already forgotten about the pain and stiffness. Try Optimove because prevention is the best medicine!
  • Sabine
    Sedentary work makes my bones ache and my joints lose mobility. I have long felt the need to help my health. It is fortunate that I found out about Optimove in a timely manner. I feel so much better now, even though only a month has passed. I no longer feel any discomfort when driving. I will ask for the parents.
  • Kai
    The severe course of infectious arthritis made it impossible for me to play sports. The doctor definitely did not recommend disturbing the knee in any way. After applying Optimove, I was able to train again and the assistant physician's surprise was limitless. Highly recommended!
  • Michael
    Before, every awakening was a test for me. Congestion and joint pain prevented me from moving. It took me about 20 minutes to warm up and get out of bed. If I had learned about optimove before, my life would have become a lot easier. It turns out that my problem can be solved in just three weeks.
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